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I must say that 2010 has been a really fast year and I’m usually oblivious about a lot of things that a lot of people make a bid deal of. But this year for some reason, I’m looking forward to a new year, maybe a fresh start is what’s making me anxious, hopeful. I’m pretty happy with my experiences and this year because I definitely learned a lot about myself and how to improve the “harsh stuff” that I’ve endure this year.

For the first year of the new decade, the only trend I could remember would be 3-D movies. I don’t even go to the movies that often but after watching damn 3-D movie commercials every single day, you’d get sick of it and just want to throw shit at the people who are funding this.

I can’t really think of any specific, major “fashion trends” this year, but the decade is still just  a baby, I think it’ll be till 2013 till another “leg-warmer’, plaid shirt,bell0bottom” trend comes along. I just hope it won’t be stupid or ridiculous that it won’t be chic the decade after that.

When I was younger, I always wished I lived and grew up as teenager/young adult  in a different decade, 60s,70s,80s, and of course 90s. I always didn’t care or noticed about the great things I grew up with now and I used to just wish to live in those movies that showed the ideal life of the decade. But of course, I learned that movies aren’t real and life back then might have been a little bit easier, but so much harder in many ways as well. I’m happy to say I’m growing up in a time where modern, contemporary, lifestyles exist and not having to take anything too seriously. I don’t have to worry about getting drafted or targeted for being under suspicion for having “the gay curse”. I guess I wouldn’t mind be ing a teenager in the 90s, that would be really cool, but I’m glad I was a least born then. :)

I would be 30 if I was 17 in 1997, but at least I would be able to see Leonardo DiCaprio when he was just gorgeous in Titanic. He was sooooo cute and now I just don’t know what happened.


I probably have a different obsession every three weeks because I don’t know what wrong with me, I just really like pretty things, and this time I’m in love with Lanvin, even more than usual. (for now)

I always appreciated Lanvin and admire how different the clothes are compared to your standard department store, and craft is the one word that comes to mind when I think of Lanvin. The beautiful, raw, deconstruct-reconstruct, frayed fabrics give such an energy, gives me mood swings thinking about those amazing textiles, how they were sewn together in the most complicated way yet looks sooooo effortless in the end.

You have to admit, these are very interesting clothes, who has ever seen such vision. I really like the vibe for the Spring 2011 mens collection(above), it’s kind of  glamorous nomad traveler/desert trails/ hiker chic, maybe it’s the birkinstocks. But I love the earthy palette a lot and I love mellow colors.

The one thing that I especially am in love with is the casting of male models for the runway show :D The boys match the clothes in a weird sense like they were made for each other,

I really want this dresssssss soooo baddlyyyyy

I think I just can’t wait till I’m older, settle in my life and hopefully being able to buy whatever I want :D I don’t think it’s bad to be materialistic jsut as long you don’t forget who you are and were.


Okay, so I’m sure that everyone is familiar with the popular serios on Bravo, “The Real Housewives of…” and the latest edition, is Beverly Hills. Now, I hate all the ones that have already been launched but surprisingly enough, I really love these new set of ladies. First of all I love Beverly Hills, after watching the original 90210 and “Death Becomes Her”, L.A. seemed like that glamorous place everyone wanted to be.

One of the main reasons I liked these women more, is because they were more charming to me and kind of realistic to be honest. Most of these girls actually did have careers and earned their money instead of just marrying rich and thinking that they’re hot shit which I really hate, ahemmm “New Jersey”. Two of the women were former child stars, one being the little girl in the Original “Halloween” movie and the other, in the original “Escape to Witch Mountain.” My favorite one though probably is Lisa who was originally from London and I loveeeeee accents to death! She’s the grandmother I wish I had and oh she seems like the sensible one.

For some reason, I just love these ladies. They’re so much more better looking and I must say a lot more classier. The one chic that is the “Danielle” of this city probably has to be Camille Grammar who is now in the phase of divorcing infamous Kelsey Grammar which I must say is karma for acting like such a F#%&

It’s true when they say that whatever goes around, comes around.

Anywhoooooo, last night’s episode was DRAMMMAAAAAA to the fullest and I’m sure me and the rest of America loved all the verbal slams that were sent through the table.




So I did not get the Alexander McQueen dress that I wanted to get for myself for Christmas, which kind of made me sad for like two minutes but I just tell myself that whatever happens, it wasn’t meant to be, and that everything happens for a reason.

Anywhoooo, I really love this Burberry shirt but I’m not sure if I should get it. If it’s styled wrong it could look really flambouyant and gross but I know how to balance and “butch” things up ahhaaha, IDK I like it but I need input

The auction for  Prada bag that I also wanted is ending tomorow afternoon and it’s in the high 300 right now. I know that seems like such a great deal for a bag that retailed for $2495 but I like to spend my money on not just one thing unless it;s super major which honestly, I could pass on. I mean it;s really cute but I won;t go MAD if I dont get it. I could just get an actual school bag like the Cambridge Satchel Company Briefcase bag that I mentioned earlier

There are soooo many cute colors but I would rather go for the classic black because everyone knows black goes with everything. I just love how British this bag is. I don’t know, it justs looks so simple and elegant III MUST HAVE it if I don’t get that Prada bag which is sooooo much more cuter but maybe it’s not my time yet.

Maybe I’ll get it in green, it is after all my favorite color

UGHHHHHHHH, school is almost here for me and Im freeeakkinnnn NERVOUSS

Thank GOODness I still have my Percocet and Xanax. hahaahahhaaha


A lot of people hate that Christmas has gotten so commercial the past, what? Three decades? But nowadays, it’s gotten so commercial to the point of Adult Swim shows, Starbucks coffee, and commecials that have no relevance at all. I’m one of those people who don’t find it horrible actually. The only thing about the holidays that I despise are the Christmas songs that are constantly played back and forth all day on the radio. I also hate the old Christmas movies that they always show this time a year, which really shows how much commercialism has taken effect. :O But I love the feeling of a cold winter day, going to Starbucks and getting myself a peppermint mocha drink wearing my cashmere sweater and leather jacket, oooooohhh comfy.

Since it’s the holidays, everyone’s bank accounts are sinking getting gifts mainly for themselves and I don’t blame them. I recently bought two Alexander McQueen dresses on Ebay, and the cool thing is, they’re studio samples. One of them has such a gorgeous print from his Spring 2010 collection that has an earthy moth/butterfly effect print and the dress in only 60% done which I fine really funny. The front looks pretty good, has the print, but the back is almost completely bare with the exoskeleton of a dress in the making. I wasn’t distraught at this idea because I plan on wearing my leather jacket over the dress to cover the bare parts which will work perfectly. The other dress I got has everything together, it just has unfinished seams on the collar and the hem needs to be sewn, but all in all it’s a gorgoues silk shift which amazing cobalt blue paint effects on it.

School is about to start for me in less than two months and honestly, I’m worried. Not about the classes, but the people. I’m going to have to be surrounded by a lot of snooty people probably which is why I’m so happy about my new additions to my wardrobe because the first week of school os all about “POWER DRESSING”. For my first week of school, I’m going to wear a different Alexander Mcqueen dress and hopefully people will back off and not mess with me because what could be more silent and deadly than a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress to protect you. Luckily I only have school three days a week which only means three dresses but I only have two, which brings me to my next dress that I want for Christmas, which will be a present for myself if I get it. His prints are so amazing, the only time I will wear color if it’s McQueen because it’s worth it!

The one on the left is what I want. This is a pretty dull picture but in real life, it will be more vibrant and will stand out when the sun shines, hahahaha.

And since I’m going to start school, that means I’m going to need a schoolbag. Okay, so I always wanted a Cambridge Satchel Company school bag because it’s so classic British style, I thought it would be so perfect, but $158? I’d rather have that toward this Prada bag that I could use instead, it’s much more my style and for some reason, it suits me.

Gorgeous :DDDDDD


If there is one type of person that I hate, it has to be a hipster. Yes, The American Apparel wearing, fake glasses, and Blue Ribbon beer drinker. The bottom of the totem pole of fashion, pure and simple. Just the idea of “paying a lot of money to look poor”? Are you high? Hipsters which unfortunately surrounded almost my entire high school, also infest the city of San Francisco and are increasing in a repulsive matter. The MISSION which used to be filled with cute, little shops are now surrounded by fake vintage stores that sell $400 dresses that make you look like a homemaker under the influence. That money could be used toward high fashion labels on sale for heaven’s sake.

I usually don’t even think about hipsters a lot, when I see them, I just say to myself how pathetic they are but I recently saw this parody video of London hipsters and it was simply amaaaaaaazinggg, just a work of cute, genius piece of entertainment.



It really is a riot and I swear you should show it to as many people as you can, this needs to be spread like wildfire, I mean who wants to live in a city full of Kanye Wests??? GAG THE F*%@ out of THAT!!!!!