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Well, well, I’m years old today and I don’t know what to feel like. I usually despise birthdays because I don’t want to get old but this year I’m kind of like, “ehhhhh…” I want to get makeup and magazines, and clothes, SHOPPING. I’ve got to go to MAC and get some stuff, beautyyyy, beautyyy!! I need more beauty. RIDICULOUS. Birthdays are so weird, I feel nothing, yet inside I feel I should acting like a 7-year-old all giddy. I am excited to eat sushi though, I love sushi, I wish I could eat sushi everyday at a sushi boat restaurant, UGHH by the way, sushiboat places make great spots for first dates, just to leat you know ;)

OMG There’s a really, really cute guy who works at Marc By Marc Jacobs in Fillmore and he is seriously soooo beautiful. I have such a fatty acid crush on him but I’m too scared to be assertive. Besides, is it weird hitting on someone when they’re working? Damn, I always have to admire from a far, hahaha, ohh unrequited love. I just read some Sappho poetry for one of my classes and I don’t feel that alone and pathetic anymore, hahaha

I hope that this year will be fun and full of good, unexpected surprises, yes cliché, but I like cliché things, some of them at least. I have so many places I want to go tomorrow but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fulfill my wishes. I can’t wait for my cake, I love cake so much I feel like Marie Antoinette every time I eat dessert :D yeah




I’ve been noticing Elle Fanning a lot lately, she was in Rodarte’s “The Curve of Forgotten Things” mini film which was a very dreamlike display of their Spring 2011 collection, speaking of which, I can’y believe NYFW is in a week and I’m freaking ecstatic to see Rodarte’s Spring 2012 collection, I’ve been waiting way too long. Anyway, Elle Fanning is breaking through the doors of fashion at the mere age of 13.

I love her, she’s such a waif, a sort of gamine look that just compliments anything she wears which I’m super jealous of. I feel that designer’s are going to make their sample dresses  even smaller now that the new blood of models just hit puberty not long ago. I’ve always been able to fit into a sample size but with heels  getting higher and skirts getting shorter, the trend of tighter clothes isn’t unpredictable.

I know there is probably annoying bashing against models being super young and thin but it makes the clothes look good, and makes people want to buy stuff, if this method didn’t work, why has it lasted so long? Obviously people react to fashion in differetn ways and fashion lovers aren’t complaining, just probably worried baout losing 7 pounds to fit into the next collection.