I must say that 2010 has been a really fast year and I’m usually oblivious about a lot of things that a lot of people make a bid deal of. But this year for some reason, I’m looking forward to a new year, maybe a fresh start is what’s making me anxious, hopeful. I’m pretty happy with my experiences and this year because I definitely learned a lot about myself and how to improve the “harsh stuff” that I’ve endure this year.

For the first year of the new decade, the only trend I could remember would be 3-D movies. I don’t even go to the movies that often but after watching damn 3-D movie commercials every single day, you’d get sick of it and just want to throw shit at the people who are funding this.

I can’t really think of any specific, major “fashion trends” this year, but the decade is still just  a baby, I think it’ll be till 2013 till another “leg-warmer’, plaid shirt,bell0bottom” trend comes along. I just hope it won’t be stupid or ridiculous that it won’t be chic the decade after that.

When I was younger, I always wished I lived and grew up as teenager/young adult  in a different decade, 60s,70s,80s, and of course 90s. I always didn’t care or noticed about the great things I grew up with now and I used to just wish to live in those movies that showed the ideal life of the decade. But of course, I learned that movies aren’t real and life back then might have been a little bit easier, but so much harder in many ways as well. I’m happy to say I’m growing up in a time where modern, contemporary, lifestyles exist and not having to take anything too seriously. I don’t have to worry about getting drafted or targeted for being under suspicion for having “the gay curse”. I guess I wouldn’t mind be ing a teenager in the 90s, that would be really cool, but I’m glad I was a least born then. :)

I would be 30 if I was 17 in 1997, but at least I would be able to see Leonardo DiCaprio when he was just gorgeous in Titanic. He was sooooo cute and now I just don’t know what happened.

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