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I don’t even watch Glee but thanks to “The Glee Project”, I might just start to join the phenomenon.

Oxygen’s new reality show is a competetion to find the next star for a 7-episode role on “Glee” which is pretty amazing with how much exposure that’s going to be.

I hate musicals and I usually hate any television shows or movies with any singing but I think this show makes it different because, first it’s people my age which surprised me because I usually hate people my age, but second, the contestants were very relatable to a lot of people including me. Being “underdogs” themselves or people who are different, are being celebrated in this show and not shunned or looked down upon like most of society.

I like “The Glee Project” because in a way, i could see parts of myself looking at this show and what they expressed on screen. I’m not a singer, but the social challenges that usually “different” people go through, I was able to see that for myself and not feel alone, and cliche as it is, but see people who are just like me.

I personally feel that I haven’t connected with a lot of people I’ve met in my life. I definately get along with others, but getting along and feeling a genuine connection, are very different, and very hard to find.

Still the show is only a competetion AND there will only be one winner, but it’s nice to see other things on television besides the typical, trashy reality shows that often present women in a negative way or annoying rich people who have nothing else to do but start drama. It’s a relief to see that there is hope that I can see, connect with, and maybe even one day meethose that I feel  comfortable with as with myself.



I don’t have the worse skin in the world but I don’t think it’s a crime to want to look your best. Unfortunately I do have some blemishes from old acne scars and they’re really annoying to have too see and deal with everyday. I researched laser acne scar removal because I heard good things about it and it’s soemthing I really want to try to help with my confidence.

I imagined that when I researched clinics and prices, the costs would be super expensive and dangerous side effects could occur, but I managed to fine a certain doctor online who offers free consultations so I think I might take up on that offer. When I called the office, the receptionist quoted that price range would be about $700-$1000 a session depending on the severity of your scars, but mine are really not that bad, I just want them to be gone because they’re annoying to look at. Scar creams take forever and I really jsut want something that’s like quick fix, but I hate that I might not be able to afford it because I would have to pay for it all on my own.

I have yet to make an appoitment because I have been so busy lately since school started but it really wouldn’t be a bad idea to just check things out and get the answers that I’m looking for. I plan on doing at the most 3 sessions altogether because that’s what I’m assuming my blemishes would need, but that means that would cost from $2100 to $3000 which is soooo not pretty what-so-ever.

I started taking an antibiotic for my acne a few weeks ago and it really works well because I don’t want to get these procedures done and then all of a sudden I break out again , then have more scars to deal, with , NOOOO!!

I really want to get this procedure done because it mostly means less face makeup which means less spenging on products, but IDK how realistic it is right now :(


The Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 Mens collection cam out today and I must say, I don’t think I have ever fell in love with a mens collections that uses color in a way that I actually like. Usually when menswear has color and pattern I feel it’s too bold and annoying to look at to too subtle which makes it look like a pastel mess. But I digress, I’ve always been a Burberry fan and this collection was shall I say, very “ADORABLE”. It does borderline on the edge of hipster which is everything that I hate but these clothes are done it a way where it just looks so luxe but amazingly casual, but yet so fashionable that you’ll want to date the boy wearing these clothes.

I want this whole outfit I swear, maybe not  the jacket, but I want the sweater, pants, shoes, AHHHHH!! I usually don’t like to wear color but Burberry makes me want to dress in lavish knits and prints that I just can’t say no. I love that the sweater has a cowl neckline that gives it more of a modern relaxed look while making it look very androgynous which I love. The effortlessness of it all is just so perfect I feel it’s the perfect outfit in the fall and roll around in the dead leaves. hahahaha no I din;t think I want to do that to a $900 sweater :D!!!

I would totally date a guy who would wear this outfit, the details are just so amazing up close that you just want to feel it in your hands. I  think Burberry is the epitome of mixing casuality and luxury so brilliantly well whcih makes people come back every season, I need to start saving now, now, now!!!!


So one of the reasons why I really hate Summer is because of the weather, which means bugs like to surround homes more, and when I say bugs, I mean irritating as Hell mosquitoes. I’ve seriously been bitten everyday for a week from freakin’ mosquitoes and I am freaking out. I totally thought that I had bed bugs at first but I didn’t thank gosh because I  was scoping everywhere on my bed and I didn’t see a single one which people say you could see if you were suspecting of having bed bugs. I was so paranoid about any kind of bug so I washed all my sheets and was just doing the most washing my clothes and vaccuuming all my floors as well. I really do think it’s mosquitoes because I have no pets and the bites are itchy as Hell, and I actually saw a tiny one when I was washing one of my sheets. But nevertheless, I still got bitten and now I feel traumatized, scared, and paranoid to be anywhere in my house , especially my room.

I’m so scarred that every tiny piece of lint looks like  freakin’ bug to me, every little itch I get, I slap that part of my body right away. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days because I’m constantly worried and thinking if some disgusting thing is going to attack me and leave me with a hideous, itchy, bump that makes me sad. I’m so frustrated with everything that’s going on as well. I started school and I have a bunch of stuff to do because it’s a Summer class and I really don’t want to deal with this stupid bug situation. I like my class so far and it seems like I’m going to stick with it, mostly because I have to, but all-in-all  it’s a nice class to watch films and it was kind of a weird feeling going back to school, only because it feels so different, being so flexible, but I’m grateful


SO like any person who has blemishes on their face, it gets really annoying and you wonder, ” My Goshh, why is this happening to me??? I hate having acne!!” Luckily I don’t have crazy ass sever acne, but a few blemishes, but it’s still annoying nonetheless. SO after natural product topicals and eating right, but still breaking out, I decided to take some action and go see a dermatologist. I break out when I’m stressed and that’s usually like all the time so I really needed an antibiotic to help prevent breakouts in the future. When I finally got my prescription , I also was recommended to use this topical gel called “Epiduo” which is supposedly a strong gel to kill pimples, and when I say strong, this thing hurts like HELL!

When you put the gel on the desired spot or whatvever, you feel a cooling sensation for about 5 seconds and then all of a sudden your face feels like it’s on damn fire, it doesn’t turn your face red but you feel like you’re in agonizing ,stinging pain especially if you put it on numerous spots all over your skin. On the plus side though, it works, the pain will last like an hour but it slowly goes down so you’re not completely miserable.

I had a very interesting lesson yesterday. So apparantly, this gel makes your skin really dry in some areas and very sensitive and you should not do  anything to disrupt your skin. Since I didn’t know this beforehand, my dumbass decided to get my eyebrows waxed, and the girl asked me if I was on any medication and I told her the ones that I’m on, but she didn’t recognize them and decided to proceed with the waxing, so everything was fine the first half, when she told me that my face ” pulled” which I didn’t know what the hell that meant, so she showed me a mirror and I saw it. A small patch of skin on top of my eyebrow got ripped off my face, the top layer of your skin. The girl was freaking out but I stayed cpmposed surprisingly, because I didn’t want her to feel bad but I was worried that it would leave a scar, but she said it wouldn’t and I looked at my face today and it seemes to be gone. Just for future reference when you guys and gals want to get your eyebrows done, JUST TWEEZE, DON’T WAX!!!!!!!!



I can’t believe 2011 is already half over. The Summer season is approaching and everyone is hoping for the steaming weather for people to take their clothes off and run around acting like idiots. The Gay Pride Parade is in 2 weeks from now, I believe, and I’m sure many West Coast civilians will be preparing for that “exciting” weekend, expect me. It was fun 2 years ago in 2009 probably because it was my first time, but I don’t like the idea of a bunch of sweaty, nasty people on the hottest day of the year rubbing all against each other dancing and throwing up, and just doing the most! I’m not really the type of person who enjoys seeing ambiguous animal orgies, or watching people whip each other, that’s what Folsom Fair is for.

I guess what I AM kind of looking forward to is school. My class starts this Tuesday and I am nervous, I’ve been out of school for almost a year now and I know it’s only City but I am kind of worried about the people. I’m taking a history of queer cinema class but it’s not the type of people I’m worried about, it’s the age. I would be so happy if my class was just full of old people 30 + because I hate people my age. Almost everyone thinks they’re the baddest bitch on the block and I’m like ” No.. not really.” I’ve always felt more comfortable with older people because one, they’re not as stupid, and two, they don’t care a lot about the superficial things, anything that really doesn’t matter but people my age worship and emulate which is really irritating.  I hate always feeling like I have to have so many guards up but I feel even in San Francisco, we’re not as liberal as people think we are.

But I am looking forward to the Summertime, I’m just hoping that it’s not HOT!! Nothing irritates me more than feeling sticky and sweaty because of the ANNOYING sun. I hope things change  a lot in the next 2 months because I need some excitement, I’ve been so bored, I need a different look on things, I need to EXPLORE my horizons.



I’m dying right now, I want this dress

But the reality is I found an unfinished sample that is the same thing but needs  a lot of work. The only problem is I really need to save right now because I’m thinking of getting a little “work done” in December and I really want to  make as much money as I can so i can do it. The only problem for me is hopping, something that I love more than anything. Not shopping cold turkey style could be impossible but I really feel I should get this dress because it’s a McQueen dress and even though there is a lot of work that would need to be done by a tailor, it’s still a very beautiful dress. It’s put together but the back is almost bare and the front is ripped on the edges so it really needs to be fixed but what a great investment piece because probably no one else I know will ever have this dress.

Conflict, I need to save almost 5,000 dollars in the next 6 months which could be impossible if I really don’t tkae things seriously, but you know that feeling where you really feel you need to ge tsomething because you feel you will die if you don’t get it, that’s how I feel with this dress. I don’t want, it, I need it! It’s not as pretty as the other one I bought, but what a collector’s piece, like seriously, it’s such an iconic piece and would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I don’t even buy a lot of clothes anyway, I have to love something 100% before I buy it and I’m getting that feeling again but I’m worried I would feel super guilty if I bought it because I have to save! :'(