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I’ve been constantly avoiding the subject of learning how to drive. I’ ve been putting it off for a while but now  everyone is annoying me about it and is stngly urging me to because its a “great skill”. I mean yes it’s very good to learn how to drive but living in San Francisco, buses here are a lot more practical even though I hate taking the bus. But which would I rather do? Spending so much money on a car, the insurance, and gas? Or just pay $62 a month but temporarily deal with stupid, obnoxious turds? Yeah see, for me it’s a lose-lose situation.

Besides, I’m kind of scared to drive because I daydream A LOTTTTT! I seriously cannot concentrate behind the wheel because I have so many things on my mind. If I was living in a perfect world I would just have a Black Ferrari with a driver and then I’ll be happy :D


Also, the DMV is not really on the top of people’s list of places people want to go to. I mean just the type of people who go there are pretty… eclectic. I just don’t feel like waiting hours in a flourescent lighted room full of “interesting” people.

I will learn to drive eventually, I don’t want to wait till I’m 22 but just right now, I don’t want to spend so much money on a freakin car.



Ever since my class ended I started thinking about the themes I learned about and subconsciously applied them to music and television shows I’ve been watching recently. I’m so late on this subject but I hardly realized how obsessed the world is about LOVE. Everywhere I go, see, listen, talk about, a lot of it relates to love.

Am I just being an old fart and think that people are just bored? Or is love a really deep, secret desire that we can get really obsessed about. As humans, can we not be happy just being by ourselves? Why do we need the satisfaction of someone “approving” of who we are? Is love a form of validation that eliminates our self-consciousness? I’ve been wrapped around these ideas a lot lately and even I’m falling into the trap. I’ve always been content most of the time being single. I mean of course it’s natural for me to think about potential “significant others” but recently I’ve been thinking  a lot about love lately and I don’t think that I really like that.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist or some cranky asshole but love really sounds like something bored and desperate people want just to make their life interesting. I do believe that people fall in genuine love sometimes  but the  common, forced oppression and the idea that if you’re single then something is wrong with you. (online dating)

I recently was with my friend at the S.F. State library just studying and we got really bored, and after thinking about all these recent concepts, we decided to make me an online dating profile. It was really weird because I always resented online dating and would never do it because it’s so tacky.  I mean when someone asked how two people meet and they say online, that just sounds lazy, bored, and kind of creepy. Anyways, we made the profile in 10 minutes and I must say, it is very interesting to see how people REALLLYY want to find future companions.

Seeing profiles that look like they spent hours trying to perfect, and taking personality tests to further attract potential lovers, it makes it seem that people are desperate, dependant, and really lonely.

I personally can’t picture myslef being with anyone honestly, not trying to feel sorry for myself but I just don’t, it seems that everyone who’s attractive are attracted to other beautiful people.

As they say, you are born alone, and you die alone


Summer is almost over for me because I start school again August 17 for the fall semester and I am really hesitant. I’m taking 12 units and that’s a lot for me being the lazy f%$# I am but I’m trying to find something to motivate me to just get through it. If I can get more cosmetic procedures done after this semester than that’s something I could count on later after I “work hard” or whatever cliche bullshit people put on other people.

I am going to miss the Summer class that I had this year. I really enjoyed all the films I watched but the last day of class was just the icing on the cake because we ended up watching my all time favorite movie of the summer.

This screen grab from Parting Glances (1986) is my favorite moment of the film. I just fell in love with how touching and real it felt, a genuine love of caring for someone you truly care about made me admire this film so much. This film was the first Hollywood movie to ever deal with AIDS openly and just around the time when the AIDS crisis was in the  major public of people’s fears and tears.

Another reason I loved this movie is because of Steve Buschemi who is seriously my all time favorite actor. This film was his first feature film and I do say, he was fu&^%$# amazing. Espcially when he played Mr. Pink in Resevoir Dogs.

Back to talking about Summer. Yeah it’s almost over for me :/ I mean I’m actually super glad I had  a class and went to eork, and hung out with a good freind where we studied all the time because I would have been incredibly lazy and bored doing nothing productive with myself. I still have almost a month left till I start school so I’m hoping something interesting or fun happens before then.

By the way… I really want this :D



MEAN GIRLS Doesn’t Even Compare

I just re-watched Heathers the other day and I say, it really is m favorite movie from the 80s. People say that Mean Girls was such a good movie but they were probably intoxicated when they said that because that movie was just really stupid. Wiwona Ryder who I love and adore was soooo beautiful when she did this movie. I used to get a lesbian vibe from her but sometimes I just think that everyone’s queer. Heathers isn’t just another cheesy, bicthy school girl , chick flick, it’s amazingly dark humor that will make you laugh so hard till you get a hernia.

Christian Slater plays Veronica’s(Winona Ryder) boyfriend, JD, who at the near end of the movie turns out to be a complete psychopath, but a realllyyyyyy hot psychopath. I mean time is a bitch but if I was a teenager in ’89 I would totally want to date him because he was hellaaa finee. My favorite part of the movie is when their in the boiler room and JD says “F%$# YOU” and Winona shoots his middle finger off, I almost died laughing.

The jist of the movie is that Heather Chandler is a complete B$%^& and Veronica and JD kill her by giving her Sink Drainer fluid which she drinks and smashes into a coffee table with great sound I must say. They make it look like a suicide and when the whole school finds out, she actually becomes more popular and teen suicide becomes the “in thing” that the popular people do. I don’t know if it’s really apparent satire or a really f-uped but genius way to make the plot more interesting. Judge for yourself .


I bought this necklace on Etsy for my film class next weeek, because I’m going to watch John Water’s Female Trouble. DIVINE! DIVINE! DIVINE!

I remember seeing Pink Flamingos a few years ago, and I think that’s when I started liking trash and snuff films. :O I really can’t get out of looking at bawdy activity especially if it’s in a John Waters film. I seriously feel a mix of a private pleasure and a “WHAT THE F%$#” mixed together with lipstick and vomit.

I’m going to wear my Divine necklace like a Dior dress to a premier of a movie, I think it’s the perfect occasion.

And since the topic is Trash and Class I think, I’m not sure, but something like that, I know I’m going to have a BALL OF FUN!!!

I don’t know why more films aren’t made like this, what’s with the cult and underground films? Why can’t it be mainstream? People can’t handle it? Are people STILL obsessed with censorship yet there are reality shows and music artists that do more damage in raping the minds of a lot of viewers, psychologically f%$#@& with them??

Whoaaa I haven’t randomly ranted in sooo long, especially not in a post, I’m just irritated, bad luck recently, needs to change, OKay I need to stop.


I recently came across this jewelry brand  called NEIVZ and I must say, RACKETNESS never looked soo good. I have always been against anything loud for the sake of being loud, but when it comes to clothes and accessories, I cave in like a struggling morphine addict. I love the idea of colorful, bold, and funny jewelry to make an outfit look super modern. I feel like these cuffs are small canvases of art that you can wear around your wrist. I used to wear jewelry all the time but stopped because it looked all tacky, but NEIVZ has retored my faith in shiny, plastic, adornments.

I really don’t think that these look hipster at all because I mean, don’t hipsters try to look poor even if they’re loaded? I love these cuffs a lot because they’re funny and I love a sense of humor mixed with art, mixed with a tad of “attitude” :D

There’s a cuff that I AM GOING TO GET but it’s not shown in the pic, but the colors are soo cute and I can wear it with my Alexander McQueen skirt. The cuff that I wanted says : “Dude, you’re going to need way more money”. I thought that was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen and is seriously, the phrase of my life. The “fuck this, you suck…” one is funny, but I feel it comes off really “I’m trying to be cute and have attitude so don’t talk to me” vibe. Like there’s a trying to hard aspect to it that will make people look at you with annoyance :O haha