Okay, so I’m sure that everyone is familiar with the popular serios on Bravo, “The Real Housewives of…” and the latest edition, is Beverly Hills. Now, I hate all the ones that have already been launched but surprisingly enough, I really love these new set of ladies. First of all I love Beverly Hills, after watching the original 90210 and “Death Becomes Her”, L.A. seemed like that glamorous place everyone wanted to be.

One of the main reasons I liked these women more, is because they were more charming to me and kind of realistic to be honest. Most of these girls actually did have careers and earned their money instead of just marrying rich and thinking that they’re hot shit which I really hate, ahemmm “New Jersey”. Two of the women were former child stars, one being the little girl in the Original “Halloween” movie and the other, in the original “Escape to Witch Mountain.” My favorite one though probably is Lisa who was originally from London and I loveeeeee accents to death! She’s the grandmother I wish I had and oh she seems like the sensible one.

For some reason, I just love these ladies. They’re so much more better looking and I must say a lot more classier. The one chic that is the “Danielle” of this city probably has to be Camille Grammar who is now in the phase of divorcing infamous Kelsey Grammar which I must say is karma for acting like such a F#%&

It’s true when they say that whatever goes around, comes around.

Anywhoooooo, last night’s episode was DRAMMMAAAAAA to the fullest and I’m sure me and the rest of America loved all the verbal slams that were sent through the table.



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