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I’m very confused and very sad that TV is yes, sucking, it sucks more than the suckiest sucky thing. I’ve hardly been watching TV lately anyway because I’ve been busy doing other things I don’t have time. I mean now that it’s summer, I enjoy my daily LIFETIME dose of “Will and Grace”, “Frasier”, and “Desperate Housewives.” It’s sort of my morning fix to get me through the day. But anyway, I was browsing through the channels and I fell upon a new VH1 show called, “You’re Cut Off.” I was so damn upset of the fact that holy shit, another fake, scripted show about stupid ugly, blonde, whores making hot messes out of themselves??? Like really, people still like that shit?? I mean, that was SOOOO 2006!!

American going through phases of reality shows, is like a teenager having lots of sex and catching chlamydia. You would think after all the “Flavor of Loves” and “Rock Of Loves” people would be sick of seeing fat bimbos shaking thier plastic surgery faes and pulling weaves from all types of animals.

I think The one thing that makes me upset about reality shows the most is when the really, really, ugly people think they’re the hottest shit and God’s gift to the world. Like really???? Acting tough and saying that they are th most gorgeous things in the world puzzle me because it makes me think, are they mentally handicapped?? How do they see themselves and “beautful” when they have thighs filled with lard and horse radish?  Faces with wrinkles more than and 85 year old v****** and boobs the size of gravity air bags installed in SUVs. I just it confuses me and pisses me off that people like that exist.

I was already fed up with my Super Sweet Sixteen. Are all reality shows about whiny, spoiled b***** because it’s entertaining to viewers? Maybe it’s because they’re such hot messes that those shows are actually hidden messages telling us to be grateful that we’re not them. That OMG I’m so happy I’m not  a hot mess like that slut on TV. I think reality shows may be sending this kind of positive message that teaches us a lesson from ugly, hos who think they’re the best thing created in the wold when in fact, when you breath near them you contract gonorrhea.


I would like to…

I would like to highlight and celebrate two of my favorite muses of the moment.


Alice Glass is one of those “I don’t give a crap about how I look” type of people who somehow look good all the time no matter what. Even when her black eye makeup’s all over the place, sweat everywhere from performing, she STILL looks good. She is in the band Crystal Castles. Their type of music is one that either someone loves to a cult-ish degree OR hates with all their heart. I love it, I’m not sure about to the cult-ish degree because SOME of their songs annoy me, but others I repeat again and again.


Patti is so stylish. For me, it’s really apparent whether someone is naturally stylish when I see photos of that person unclothed. Iggy Pop is stylish even when he’s not wearing a shirt; Patti, the same. It’s this natural energy that exudes from the person. It’s the reason why she looks so cool in ANYTHING.