If there is one type of person that I hate, it has to be a hipster. Yes, The American Apparel wearing, fake glasses, and Blue Ribbon beer drinker. The bottom of the totem pole of fashion, pure and simple. Just the idea of “paying a lot of money to look poor”? Are you high? Hipsters which unfortunately surrounded almost my entire high school, also infest the city of San Francisco and are increasing in a repulsive matter. The MISSION which used to be filled with cute, little shops are now surrounded by fake vintage stores that sell $400 dresses that make you look like a homemaker under the influence. That money could be used toward high fashion labels on sale for heaven’s sake.

I usually don’t even think about hipsters a lot, when I see them, I just say to myself how pathetic they are but I recently saw this parody video of London hipsters and it was simply amaaaaaaazinggg, just a work of cute, genius piece of entertainment.



It really is a riot and I swear you should show it to as many people as you can, this needs to be spread like wildfire, I mean who wants to live in a city full of Kanye Wests??? GAG THE F*%@ out of THAT!!!!!

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