Our Youth

Youthline Media is a youth-led program! Meet the amazing youth that contribute to us.

Kelvin Keng
Kelvin is 17 and was born on September 4th. He just graduated from SOTA, where he did Theater for 3 years and left his senior year because of other goals he wanted to focus on. He is going to go to USF for Psychology. He loves male models so much and it’s his obsession, so he is also pursuing a career in makeup. He loves fashion, dangerous shoes, makeup, fierce women, and good magazines. He loves wearing all black but popping it with bright accessories so it looks a little cartoony. He’s also a bit obsessed with glitter nail polish because he loves things that sparkle! At Chalk, he works at Youthline Media and in YFYI as a Youth Evaluator, which he loves because he learned a lot of basic office skills that he would not have known about if it wasn’t for his awesome supervisors who are really patient with him.

Claire Warren
Claire is a small girl with big ambitions. She is Filipino made, and San Francisco raised. She can get down with James Brown and chill folks. She is a Balboa High School graduate and would love to become an Ethnic Studies teacher.

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