I probably have a different obsession every three weeks because I don’t know what wrong with me, I just really like pretty things, and this time I’m in love with Lanvin, even more than usual. (for now)

I always appreciated Lanvin and admire how different the clothes are compared to your standard department store, and craft is the one word that comes to mind when I think of Lanvin. The beautiful, raw, deconstruct-reconstruct, frayed fabrics give such an energy, gives me mood swings thinking about those amazing textiles, how they were sewn together in the most complicated way yet looks sooooo effortless in the end.

You have to admit, these are very interesting clothes, who has ever seen such vision. I really like the vibe for the Spring 2011 mens collection(above), it’s kind of  glamorous nomad traveler/desert trails/ hiker chic, maybe it’s the birkinstocks. But I love the earthy palette a lot and I love mellow colors.

The one thing that I especially am in love with is the casting of male models for the runway show :D The boys match the clothes in a weird sense like they were made for each other,

I really want this dresssssss soooo baddlyyyyy

I think I just can’t wait till I’m older, settle in my life and hopefully being able to buy whatever I want :D I don’t think it’s bad to be materialistic jsut as long you don’t forget who you are and were.

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