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I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but facebook is really disgusting me. I am so tired of going online and I hate it because I am just sick of it. I deleted almost everyone I know except like 4 people because I actually want to talk to them and keep in touch but that’s why there are cellphones. haha I am really tired of how facebook is “addictive” and how people can’t concentrate on anything and how people manage to stay online adll days playing farmville or being on instant chat talking to someone who just hang out with instead.

But you know, I feel that Facebook is just going to easily go away as easily as it came. Myspace has been dead for years now and Facebook is on it’s way. Just hearing it makes me want to throw up. I am truly disgusted and grossed out on how so many people can spend 3 hours at a time doing the most pointless shit that is jsut bad for your health to be honest.

The Huffington Post”:

:I hate Facebook. There. I said it. And it feels damned good. I know it won’t make me popular. In fact, I’ll probably be cyberflogged over it. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. Any of it. Oh sure, it’s fun once in a blue moon when one of my childhood pals miraculously unearths a 40-year-old photo and “tags” me, but then that fascination quickly turns to horror as I realize my embarrassing pre-pubescent shot is now online for all to see. Couldn’t it just simply be scanned and emailed to me the way technogeeks did things back in the olden days, ya know, the late 90s?”




I am going to cry, I am sooo sad because I am dying right now for this jacket. It’s from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Men’s collections and I really, really want it. I usually love black leather jackets and I wouldn’t imagine buying one in another color, but the color is sooooo unique, an interesting caramel glow in the dark color with black accent zippers to keep it up to date. :)

I called the Burberry store today because it was the only thing I could think of but I was scared to call because I thought the price would really give me a massive heart attack and depression. Because usually, designer leather jackets go for at least $2795 and I was really surprised to hear that it’s only $1595. Like I know that is still really really expensive but just always hearing really outrageous prices, this to me is a decent price.

This is the other jacket that I am craving for but UGHHHHHHHHHHHH, why couldn’t I be the heir of some ice cream company or inherit some really old dead lady’s money. This is the season for awesome leather jackets and I am crying because there are like 6 that I want but won’t be able to get anytime soon which really makes me sad.

What if I did buy the first jacket that I loved though, that would be really insane because to me that would be a huge hole in my bank account but I feel like it’s worth it.

In the Women’s collections this is the JACKET that I want. I don’t like trenchcoats but this is definately me and definately something I would wear all the time. It’s a classic piece with a twist, and very chic looking. There were a lot of other looks that I loved in the collection amd if I had connections in Burberry OMG I would be on Cloud 9 laying around in a pile of AMAZING jackets.


All I can say right now is confusion. Britney Spears is coming to SanFrancisco this month, March 29th for a free concert in the Castro?? That to me is the most random thing ever to happen to this city. The year of 2011 has so far been really weird and crazy and now, washed up B.S. (Britney Spears) is trying to make a comeback? She’s like 40 right? The whole idea of her coming here is to not only promote her new album, “Femme Fetale” but also to meet queer youth of San Francisco to show her acknowledgement of who her fans are.

I must say, I did like Britney one time, back when I was like what, 1o years old, when she was actually relevant. I must say though it would be rather exciting to see the ex-shaved head, umbrella throwing, loser marrying singer in real life though.

God she looks old, doesn’t she?  I guess it could be exciting for San Francisco to have some fun from a celebrity but for some reason I also feel that it’s really random is because no famous people ever come to SF. The only “celebs” I could think of would be music artists for one day concerts that are limited to about 200 people but the fact that Britney is coming to the City as a probable publicity stunt, just seems unexpected, usually these things happen in Los Angeles in New York, where most people like to go to.


I am sooooo excited for Scream 4 to finally come out in Theaters. I was just re-watching the original and the sequels and it seriously made me wish I was a teenager in the 90s. I’m so glad that at least I was born in the 90s’ even though most of the time I didn’t even know what the Hell was going on around me. Anyways I’ve super anxious to see this when it comes out because I love horror movies. I think that “scary” movies that have a lot of gore in them is just disgusting but not scary at all which people like to confuse, “Ohh there’s a lot of guts, it’s a scary movie”, no that just means that it’s freakin gross and that no one should eat meat.

Just seeing the cast in the first movie and watching the trailer for the 4th movie, my GAWDDD time has been good to Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell. Courtney Cox is 47?? Can you believe that? And Neve Campbell is not that much different either. I am a bit upset though that they decided to cast Emma Roberts and Hayden Panthensnsnan whatever her dumbass last name is in this movie. I don’t care that this movie wants a “new generation” , get some decent, attractive people. Whatever hopefully they’ll get killed and I’ll just laugh at them.

“Scream 4 movie being the fourth installment to the hit mystery and thriller packed  horror appears as having an exciting plot so Scream 4 movie will definitely get viewers to find themselves flocking at theaters and among them will be the fans of the franchise. In this one storyline will begin form the point where a decade had passed from terrifying events of the last part. Now Sidney Prescott who had survived the ordeal return to her home in Woodsboro as part of her book tour and at the same time she also wishes to rekindle her relationships with her family. However the arrival of Sidney reawakens the ghostface killer and soon terror ensues. The entire town is put  in danger again as a serial killer is on the loose.”


VA…VOOM is what I have to say. I’ve been wanting this leather jacket from Rodarte ever since it came out. Even though it’s from Fall 2009 I don’t see how this stunning piece of art can go out of style. I love futuristic/art-like clothinf and this jacket is just to die for. I want it, but not  for $3795. If there’s one place where I always go to to find once in a lifetime shopping oppurtunities, I always leave to to EBAY. I did get my McQueen dress from there anyway. I managed to find the same leather jacket on Ebay from London and I am just dying right now you don’t even know.

The auction ends in 3 days and there’s already 2 bids on it but I am just crossing my fingers hoping for the best.  Ohhh I could just imagine having such a wonderful piece in my life. The only concern I have with the jacket is the collar. The knit collar/scarf effect is cool but I hope it’s removable because  I’m not really a scarf person and they don’t really look good on me. I know that there are buttons that could be used but hopefully the whole collar can be taken off. If not I’m scared I might have to cut it off YIKESS!!! But let’s just pray. hahaha I would be sad if I didn’t get it because it is such a statement jacket, like who else would you know would have this jacket other than random rich people in New York or whereever.

I must admit though, the jacket does look better in black, but I already have a few black leather jackets already, and if I was going to choose one that wasn’t the classic black it would be this jacket. Ohhh, but the black is pretty too huh?

But I guess I might look a bit S&M-esque if I had it on so I guess that would be a no-no. I mean I would really not like to look like a leather daddy thank you very much, not really my style.