I have no idea why I have been feeling really tired lately. I feel so exhausted that I’ve started sleeping at 9 which is really random because I’m usually still energized by then. Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s not enough work, maybe I just need something new in my life. I feel I am at a point where in my fantasy, I would drop everything and live a whole different life, a complete 180. I mean I am content and appreciate what I have now but it’s not much to ask to have some excitement and I haven’t felt any of that in a really long time.

I’m thinking hard trying to figure out what is it that I need to fulfill my mood and get me out of this tired rut. I don’t shopping will help me get better since a lot of the clothes that I want are at least $1500 :( I was hoping to find stuff on EBAY which I usually do, but I guess that’s another drout I’m enduring right now.

I hope that I can at least get one summer class at CCSF so at least I won’t be home all summer doing nothing, plus I really do want to find another job in retail. Honestly, I wish I was in a state where I could move to another country. Of course I would have to learn how to speak it but that’s a plan. Stay in the States learning the language I desire, then moving there in a few years and live the rest of my life there.

What a dream.

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