worst month, ever.

So this month has been a really unhappy one due to various reasons. Some are my personal business and some are related to my daily stupid life. So I’ll just tell you what I want to share.

I have found out more miscellaneous things about school and decided to transfer to the campus at Riverside, California. I don’t know where I will be living but at least I’ll be with the one I want to be with.

2nd. I broke my nano today. So I had no IDEA that my Ipod nano 3g was in my bag then I put my bag in the washer because it stank. And thus its broken.  I’m utterly sad and annoyed.

So I know those two reason’s might not be in the category to be considered worst month ever. But it makes me have the icky-est feeling ever. AHHH, I got over the fact that I destroyed my Ipod nano and now the only thing that can make me feel better is to either get a Sansa Fuse OR buy me hella things to get my mind offa that. I think I perfer option two instead. But I can’t control anything :'[

OH, and the worst part is that I got sick and I had no IDEA what the heck was causing my pain. Everyday made me cry, I seriously HATE being sick. It bothers the hell outta me. And I sought help a week LATER. Then I got the medicine and hopefully I’ll be all better by tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck, pray for me!


I Am Body Beautiful

I love fashion.
Love it. I scoff when people make fun of outrageous outfits, things like Louis Vuitton bunny ears or really high heels, and totally crazy shapes. I also used to scoff when people remarked how skinny or thin fashion models are.
And to a certain degree, I’m still annoyed when people make generalizations like this. There are plenty of people out there who are naturally thin and tall, like many fashion models. However, I’ve lately realized that there are some models out there that are just not okay. Beyond whether or not the individual models themselves are unhealthy or have an eating disorder, I question if it’s okay to cast such models for jobs because of the image they set out, and the notion that it’s okay to look like this for the sake of fashion.

Obviously, this is a very huge and serious issue and I can’t cover everything about the topic in one simple blog entry, but I’m just giving a gist of what I think.

I’m going to share this with you:
A BMI (body mass index) of 17.5 on the runway is considered “big”.
That is absolutely horrifying.
Generally, a BMI of 18.5 and under is considered underweight.

A BMI of 17.5 is:
6’0″, 129 lbs
5’11”, 125 lbs
5’10”, 122 lbs
5’9″, 118 lbs
5’8″, 115 lbs
5’7″, 112 lbs
5’6″, 108 lbs
5’5″, 105 lbs
5’4″, 102 lbs
5’3″, 99 lbs
5’2″, 95 lbs
5’1″, 92 lbs
5’0″, 89 lbs

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Old Navy Flip Flop Sale. ;]

So I was just remembering remembering stuff about things that were on television. Then I remembered that there’s a sale at OLD NAVY tomorrow for their cheap solid color flip flops that I love. I mean, everything in this economy is bad as it is and I might as well as take in the sales that come my way. Especially the cheap ones ;]


That’s the link that tells all about it. I thought it was pretty funny when I first read the link because I think that the online new’s article didn’t really have anything to write about and since it was all over the television. More people might as well go for it. I also kinda surfed the web to see if what I saw was correct. BWHAHAH, but the sad sad part about the sale is that it has a limit about 5 per customer. It’s a sad sad sad sad sad sad thing because I want an even number like 6 to make me feel more happy. :'[

OH, for all your SHREK fans. The newest movie isn’t worth seeing. BECAUSE, it was totally short and it felt like a filler for time. It wasn’t worth my hour and 32 minuets nor was it worth my $8.75. GRRR, plus I whipped creamed my bestie near his school because his big big day is on Monday. I love you Steven Bach, happy early birthday bestie. :]

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