I would like to…

I would like to highlight and celebrate two of my favorite muses of the moment.


Alice Glass is one of those “I don’t give a crap about how I look” type of people who somehow look good all the time no matter what. Even when her black eye makeup’s all over the place, sweat everywhere from performing, she STILL looks good. She is in the band Crystal Castles. Their type of music is one that either someone loves to a cult-ish degree OR hates with all their heart. I love it, I’m not sure about to the cult-ish degree because SOME of their songs annoy me, but others I repeat again and again.


Patti is so stylish. For me, it’s really apparent whether someone is naturally stylish when I see photos of that person unclothed. Iggy Pop is stylish even when he’s not wearing a shirt; Patti, the same. It’s this natural energy that exudes from the person. It’s the reason why she looks so cool in ANYTHING.



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