It’s almost Thanksgiving, almost Christmas, and almost the end of the semester. I have to admit I really enjoyed my first semester at school. There were some drawbacks but you can’t always get everything. I can’t believe 2011 is almost over and we’re about to enter the last year till the world ends? 2012 sounds like it’s going to be a very interesting and I’m pretty excited. In the meantime, it’s crunch time for everyone who’s in school working on their final projects and papers, looking forward till the end, for the well deserved one month break that we all are starving for.

I’m actually surprised that for my first semester, taking 4 classes, it wasn’t as overwhelming as I assumed it would be, but then again nothing is really. My Sex and Gender in American Society has changed my life completely, I know sounds cliche and weird, but I really feel like I was blind before this class and now I have a brand new pair of glasses. For my final project, I’m doing a presentation on how advertising and the fashion industry is so glamorous and beautiful, but why do we find these images beautiful when there are violent and/or overtly sexual images.

Now I’m not being a hypocrite, I love fashion and every aspect of it but sometimes I ask myself, “why do I feel this way?”, “What is drawing me in?”, “What messages are these images conveying?”. In this Calvin Klein ad, it looks pretty hot at first glance but then if you look at it longer, you see this helpless, thin girl that’s looks like she’s about to be gang banged.

Here you see Dakota Fanning looking like a really young girl with her pink dress and pink background giving a sense of innocence and purity. Then she has a flower right above her crotch, looks like child pornography? Trying to “deflower” this little girl?

Fashion has a lot of involvement with sex, it always has since the beginning of advertising, and it seems to just be growing and growing, and what i wanted to figure out was why? What is causing this and why are we letting this still happen?

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