Well, well, I’m years old today and I don’t know what to feel like. I usually despise birthdays because I don’t want to get old but this year I’m kind of like, “ehhhhh…” I want to get makeup and magazines, and clothes, SHOPPING. I’ve got to go to MAC and get some stuff, beautyyyy, beautyyy!! I need more beauty. RIDICULOUS. Birthdays are so weird, I feel nothing, yet inside I feel I should acting like a 7-year-old all giddy. I am excited to eat sushi though, I love sushi, I wish I could eat sushi everyday at a sushi boat restaurant, UGHH by the way, sushiboat places make great spots for first dates, just to leat you know ;)

OMG There’s a really, really cute guy who works at Marc By Marc Jacobs in Fillmore and he is seriously soooo beautiful. I have such a fatty acid crush on him but I’m too scared to be assertive. Besides, is it weird hitting on someone when they’re working? Damn, I always have to admire from a far, hahaha, ohh unrequited love. I just read some Sappho poetry for one of my classes and I don’t feel that alone and pathetic anymore, hahaha

I hope that this year will be fun and full of good, unexpected surprises, yes cliché, but I like cliché things, some of them at least. I have so many places I want to go tomorrow but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fulfill my wishes. I can’t wait for my cake, I love cake so much I feel like Marie Antoinette every time I eat dessert :D yeah


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