Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Spring 2011 shoes ($2,798-$2898)

I might break an ankle, maybe both my legs, even possibly a hip, but if an ambulamce has to pick me up after I died wearing these shoes, at least I will look AMAZING!!! HOLY BEJEZZUS man, can I please have all three of these shoes?? The Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Spring 2011 shoes are seriously dangerously gorgeous. I love high heels on girls and guys… if they can pull it off, but nothing makes a shoe harder to walk in if the platform is not high enough!! I know that these shoes are 51/2 to 6 inches which to me isn’t that high but the fact that the platform is only 1 inch makes my ankles cry. The reason platforms are important is because the smaller the platform, the more arched your foot is, which stretches your ankle more forward, which ends up hurting like Hell after 2 hours. The taller the platform, your foot is not as arched thus your foot will be more relaxed and you can wear them a lot longer.

I’m one for masochistic footwear but sometimes I feel like complaining, but i do it in my head. As painful and tiring as heels can be, they’re soooo beautiful, they make my legs look amazing, and they make me significantly taller. Too bad that these shoes cost a months rent but I would soo rather buy clothes than sleep in a bed. What I really like about these shoes is that I really have a thing for earthy, nature, fantasy, vibes not bohemian btw but like just really “organic” looking things. I feel like the shoes belong to a forest mythical creature or something. I feel like I wish I was in a total fairy tale or a Disney movie. The whole collection was just super beautiful, earth goddess and Chinese warrior.



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