AHH BALLS! FREAKING AYEEE! I like being lazy bum moping around my living room watching bad tv and eating nothing so I could fit into my almost finished Alexander Mcqueen dress. :'( It’s been too long, too long for that dress to be fixed but I’m glad it will be ready before I start school because I really want to wear it on my first day. Yes, the dress came with a zipper corset/ girdle looking thing and I saw why, when I tried the dress on, it was really snug. It wasn’t tight, it just fit perfectly but the seamstress said that I couldn’t gain anymore weight, :O I kind of wanted to laugh but then got kind of sad and said to myself, “DAMN FOOD, why do I like to eat so much?”

I got to spend some time with my long-lost friend who’s moving to Portland next week and I’m incredibly sad, one of the very few intelligent people who I know, who isn’t a hipster, and that’s hard to find. We went to the Picasso exhibit at the De Young yesterday because I wanted to have as much fun until I had to start douchey school, gawsh.

This one was my favorite, I love how the poses reflect my everyday life.

AWWW I had a really good time there, it was the first time in a long time since I went to a museum and usually love museums but never have anyone to go with. Oh well


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