My continuous obsession for Rodarte has been eating me up inside lately which is weird since I loved Rodarte for so long, I would think I would be immune by now of the feeling of hopelessness for not being able to afford a $8000 dress. The Spring 2012 collection is being presented next month and I’m freaking out man, what psychedelics will be shown this season??? And the shoes? Geez  Nicholas Kirkwood is freaking amazing cranking out amazing shoes every season that PERFECTLY match each collection. I’m sad, I want them but they cost a month’s rent. (tear)

Until the Spring 2012 collection shows, I’ve been incessantly looking at the archives and I must say, I REALLY, REALLY loved Fall 2008. Inspired by Japanese horror movies, these dresses were so amazing and gorgeous I almost wept, AND made me happy. Not a lot of designers make me happy but Rodarte always manages to put a smile on my face when I see these dresses. Some might think it’s odd since I’m a boy, but without a doubt, If I could, I would totally surrender myself to be graced by an amazing, handmade Rodarte dress. OHH I DIEE! These two dresses were my favorite from the whole collection. I hate wearing white but this dress just broke that rule. I love that the red and white dress looks kind of scary because I think of blood splattered in a white bathroom every time I see it, it just looks so intense yet so soft at the same time (Scary Romantic?) And I love the other dress because it’s my favorite color, CHARTREUSE!!! I love how it jsut looks like such a delicate, wispy, garden dress. I would feel like such a beautiful plant creature if I wore this dress, like a delicate rare breed of ivy. HOLY SHIT, remember the shoes?

When I saw the runway video for this collection I had to laugh not only because the shoes looked like they can quickly send someone to the E.R., but how fast the girls were walking in these shoes? I asked myself how do these girls managed to make these 6 inch heels look really easy to walk in? The girls seriously looked like they could run in them with no problem, they were seriously gliding all the wat through, and you know what I just noticed? RODARTE has the most intricate and elaborate runways and finales I have ever seen. I seriously am scared for the girls because the runway patterns that they have to follow without any marks or helpful points on the runway, just plain memorization, and I was like holy Hell, not only do they have to worry about falling, they have to remember all the different points where they have to walk to. And honestly, Rodarte finales scare the Hell out of me. They’re beautiful as always but every time they do a criss-cross like intersection thing where they intertwine with each other always makes me nervous when I see those girls because one person could mess up the whole thing, possibly could trip someone, I don’t know, but they always end up having a smooth show.

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