I have been constantly pacing around my room for hours wrapping my head around how just utterly amazing the New York fashion label, Rodarte effects me. This collection from fall 2009 may be four or five seasons old but the POWER that theses dresses have over me makes me realize what great design and fashion it really is. I loved Rodarte since my interest in fashion “busted out” but just the absolute beauty of these clothes serously made me want to marry them. I usually hate American designers because everything is so boring and “wearable” with no imagination, no fantasy,  NO DREAMMM, and to me, selling a dream or a fantasy is what designer clothes are about. Thankfully, Rodarte said “Screw you” to the pack and followed it’s own aesthetic and I couldn’t be more obsessed with one label that makes to most interesting clothes in America.

It sounds strange but every time I want to buy something new, I have to, in some way identify with the piece that I want. It’s kind of hard for me to explain but I like to be able to relate to the clothing that I buy plus, wearable art is the most amazing thing ever, I think. And somehow, these dresses , I find so relatable, so incredibly pure to what I like and who I am as a person,  I just cannot express how much I love Rodarte. I mean I can’t afford a $9000 dress and there are 7 that I actually want so that made me a little depressed, but when I saw these pieces, I just thought the clothing was just so emotional and personal and amazingly comforting to see. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel to be able to grace around in one of those garments but believe you me, Rodarte is the reason I keep on living.

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