Ever since my class ended I started thinking about the themes I learned about and subconsciously applied them to music and television shows I’ve been watching recently. I’m so late on this subject but I hardly realized how obsessed the world is about LOVE. Everywhere I go, see, listen, talk about, a lot of it relates to love.

Am I just being an old fart and think that people are just bored? Or is love a really deep, secret desire that we can get really obsessed about. As humans, can we not be happy just being by ourselves? Why do we need the satisfaction of someone “approving” of who we are? Is love a form of validation that eliminates our self-consciousness? I’ve been wrapped around these ideas a lot lately and even I’m falling into the trap. I’ve always been content most of the time being single. I mean of course it’s natural for me to think about potential “significant others” but recently I’ve been thinking  a lot about love lately and I don’t think that I really like that.

I’m not trying to be a pessimist or some cranky asshole but love really sounds like something bored and desperate people want just to make their life interesting. I do believe that people fall in genuine love sometimes  but the  common, forced oppression and the idea that if you’re single then something is wrong with you. (online dating)

I recently was with my friend at the S.F. State library just studying and we got really bored, and after thinking about all these recent concepts, we decided to make me an online dating profile. It was really weird because I always resented online dating and would never do it because it’s so tacky.  I mean when someone asked how two people meet and they say online, that just sounds lazy, bored, and kind of creepy. Anyways, we made the profile in 10 minutes and I must say, it is very interesting to see how people REALLLYY want to find future companions.

Seeing profiles that look like they spent hours trying to perfect, and taking personality tests to further attract potential lovers, it makes it seem that people are desperate, dependant, and really lonely.

I personally can’t picture myslef being with anyone honestly, not trying to feel sorry for myself but I just don’t, it seems that everyone who’s attractive are attracted to other beautiful people.

As they say, you are born alone, and you die alone

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