Summer is almost over for me because I start school again August 17 for the fall semester and I am really hesitant. I’m taking 12 units and that’s a lot for me being the lazy f%$# I am but I’m trying to find something to motivate me to just get through it. If I can get more cosmetic procedures done after this semester than that’s something I could count on later after I “work hard” or whatever cliche bullshit people put on other people.

I am going to miss the Summer class that I had this year. I really enjoyed all the films I watched but the last day of class was just the icing on the cake because we ended up watching my all time favorite movie of the summer.

This screen grab from Parting Glances (1986) is my favorite moment of the film. I just fell in love with how touching and real it felt, a genuine love of caring for someone you truly care about made me admire this film so much. This film was the first Hollywood movie to ever deal with AIDS openly and just around the time when the AIDS crisis was in the  major public of people’s fears and tears.

Another reason I loved this movie is because of Steve Buschemi who is seriously my all time favorite actor. This film was his first feature film and I do say, he was fu&^%$# amazing. Espcially when he played Mr. Pink in Resevoir Dogs.

Back to talking about Summer. Yeah it’s almost over for me :/ I mean I’m actually super glad I had  a class and went to eork, and hung out with a good freind where we studied all the time because I would have been incredibly lazy and bored doing nothing productive with myself. I still have almost a month left till I start school so I’m hoping something interesting or fun happens before then.

By the way… I really want this :D

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