MEAN GIRLS Doesn’t Even Compare

I just re-watched Heathers the other day and I say, it really is m favorite movie from the 80s. People say that Mean Girls was such a good movie but they were probably intoxicated when they said that because that movie was just really stupid. Wiwona Ryder who I love and adore was soooo beautiful when she did this movie. I used to get a lesbian vibe from her but sometimes I just think that everyone’s queer. Heathers isn’t just another cheesy, bicthy school girl , chick flick, it’s amazingly dark humor that will make you laugh so hard till you get a hernia.

Christian Slater plays Veronica’s(Winona Ryder) boyfriend, JD, who at the near end of the movie turns out to be a complete psychopath, but a realllyyyyyy hot psychopath. I mean time is a bitch but if I was a teenager in ’89 I would totally want to date him because he was hellaaa finee. My favorite part of the movie is when their in the boiler room and JD says “F%$# YOU” and Winona shoots his middle finger off, I almost died laughing.

The jist of the movie is that Heather Chandler is a complete B$%^& and Veronica and JD kill her by giving her Sink Drainer fluid which she drinks and smashes into a coffee table with great sound I must say. They make it look like a suicide and when the whole school finds out, she actually becomes more popular and teen suicide becomes the “in thing” that the popular people do. I don’t know if it’s really apparent satire or a really f-uped but genius way to make the plot more interesting. Judge for yourself .

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