I bought this necklace on Etsy for my film class next weeek, because I’m going to watch John Water’s Female Trouble. DIVINE! DIVINE! DIVINE!

I remember seeing Pink Flamingos a few years ago, and I think that’s when I started liking trash and snuff films. :O I really can’t get out of looking at bawdy activity especially if it’s in a John Waters film. I seriously feel a mix of a private pleasure and a “WHAT THE F%$#” mixed together with lipstick and vomit.

I’m going to wear my Divine necklace like a Dior dress to a premier of a movie, I think it’s the perfect occasion.

And since the topic is Trash and Class I think, I’m not sure, but something like that, I know I’m going to have a BALL OF FUN!!!

I don’t know why more films aren’t made like this, what’s with the cult and underground films? Why can’t it be mainstream? People can’t handle it? Are people STILL obsessed with censorship yet there are reality shows and music artists that do more damage in raping the minds of a lot of viewers, psychologically f%$#@& with them??

Whoaaa I haven’t randomly ranted in sooo long, especially not in a post, I’m just irritated, bad luck recently, needs to change, OKay I need to stop.

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