I recently came across this jewelry brand  called NEIVZ and I must say, RACKETNESS never looked soo good. I have always been against anything loud for the sake of being loud, but when it comes to clothes and accessories, I cave in like a struggling morphine addict. I love the idea of colorful, bold, and funny jewelry to make an outfit look super modern. I feel like these cuffs are small canvases of art that you can wear around your wrist. I used to wear jewelry all the time but stopped because it looked all tacky, but NEIVZ has retored my faith in shiny, plastic, adornments.

I really don’t think that these look hipster at all because I mean, don’t hipsters try to look poor even if they’re loaded? I love these cuffs a lot because they’re funny and I love a sense of humor mixed with art, mixed with a tad of “attitude” :D

There’s a cuff that I AM GOING TO GET but it’s not shown in the pic, but the colors are soo cute and I can wear it with my Alexander McQueen skirt. The cuff that I wanted says : “Dude, you’re going to need way more money”. I thought that was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen and is seriously, the phrase of my life. The “fuck this, you suck…” one is funny, but I feel it comes off really “I’m trying to be cute and have attitude so don’t talk to me” vibe. Like there’s a trying to hard aspect to it that will make people look at you with annoyance :O haha


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