So ever since I started school mid June I’ve started to have really annoying stuff happen to me. It all started with me getting mosquito bites constantly for two weeks that made me so paranoid to sleep in my own bed. I was freaking out thinking it was bed bugs which let me tell you are probably the most anal thing that can happen to you. Thankfully I didn’t have bed bugs but it was just annoying mosquitoes that have been lurking in my room. It was probably the weather because I remmeber it being incredibly hot early to mid June. So I washed all my sheets and bedding and even bought new socks and eventually the bites stopped. It seriously was a nightmare because I couldn’t sleep for so many days because I was so scared of getting bitten, because ug bites are HECKAA annoying and no one wants them.

Next, I got in a car accident the following week and it wasn’t even my friend’s fault, I was in the passenger seat. We were at  a stop because 3 cars in front of us decide to stop in the middle of an intersection when the light was green and we had to choice but to stay put. Next thing we know, a damn car hits us in the back and it felt CRAZYYYY. Our backs and our necks seriously got whiplashed by this ignorant person who clearly cannot drive and should not be driving. The whole thing was ridiculous and should not have happened to us. My friend is still dealing with her car and has so much shit to go through because of it, and it wasn’t even their fault.

Next, recently I lost my debit card and I jsut realized it yesterday so I was panicing like Hell but I called the hotline and they blocked my card and will send me a new one next week but it’s so inconvienant because I have to buy my Clipper card this month, then I have to pay for alterations, then my haircut, then a present for someone’s birthday, UGHH it is just  a hot mess, like having an ATM card is sooooo nice because it’s soo handy but right now I feel bad and paralyzed. The really funny thign about it is that somone tried to use my card at a RITE AID and charged a dollar, but ge this, IN NEW YORK!, LIKE WTF??? That makes me wonder, How long did I lose it and why am I just realizing this now?

And today, OHHH GOSHH Today. CHALK had the hiring orientation today and we all did an activity where we had to introduce ourselves by talking for 30 seconds blah blah blah, and when it was my turn to go on stage, I acciidently tripped on the edge of the platform and I freaking scraped my leg. I found out when I got home, it was cut but wasn’t bleeding, so I put some neosporine on it or whatever. But the point is, I don’t know why my life hates me right now, what the HEll did I do to deserve this????

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