So after almost a month of agonizing patience, my Alexander Mcqueen studio sample dress arrived yesterday but it needs A LOOTTTTT of work to finish it up. The dress is absolutely gorgeous and the print is unbelievable up close but it’s technically only 65 % finished and there’s a lot of seams to be sewn and patterns to be cut so I’m quite nervous of who to take the dress to and the cost altogether. ‘

This is the other piece I got a few weeks ago too. I say “piece” because I actually just got the skirt part of the dress because you know unfinished studio samples are  a hot mess but nonetheless totally wearable and totally gorgeous just  when I get them fixed.

I’m so stoked I’m counting the days until I canwear my beautiful garments. I really do love clothes that look like “wearable art”, I just think that is the true definition of fashion. There are probably  a lot of people who think that’s stupid and ridiculous but that’s my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.


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