I don’t even watch Glee but thanks to “The Glee Project”, I might just start to join the phenomenon.

Oxygen’s new reality show is a competetion to find the next star for a 7-episode role on “Glee” which is pretty amazing with how much exposure that’s going to be.

I hate musicals and I usually hate any television shows or movies with any singing but I think this show makes it different because, first it’s people my age which surprised me because I usually hate people my age, but second, the contestants were very relatable to a lot of people including me. Being “underdogs” themselves or people who are different, are being celebrated in this show and not shunned or looked down upon like most of society.

I like “The Glee Project” because in a way, i could see parts of myself looking at this show and what they expressed on screen. I’m not a singer, but the social challenges that usually “different” people go through, I was able to see that for myself and not feel alone, and cliche as it is, but see people who are just like me.

I personally feel that I haven’t connected with a lot of people I’ve met in my life. I definately get along with others, but getting along and feeling a genuine connection, are very different, and very hard to find.

Still the show is only a competetion AND there will only be one winner, but it’s nice to see other things on television besides the typical, trashy reality shows that often present women in a negative way or annoying rich people who have nothing else to do but start drama. It’s a relief to see that there is hope that I can see, connect with, and maybe even one day meethose that I feel  comfortable with as with myself.

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