The Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 Mens collection cam out today and I must say, I don’t think I have ever fell in love with a mens collections that uses color in a way that I actually like. Usually when menswear has color and pattern I feel it’s too bold and annoying to look at to too subtle which makes it look like a pastel mess. But I digress, I’ve always been a Burberry fan and this collection was shall I say, very “ADORABLE”. It does borderline on the edge of hipster which is everything that I hate but these clothes are done it a way where it just looks so luxe but amazingly casual, but yet so fashionable that you’ll want to date the boy wearing these clothes.

I want this whole outfit I swear, maybe not  the jacket, but I want the sweater, pants, shoes, AHHHHH!! I usually don’t like to wear color but Burberry makes me want to dress in lavish knits and prints that I just can’t say no. I love that the sweater has a cowl neckline that gives it more of a modern relaxed look while making it look very androgynous which I love. The effortlessness of it all is just so perfect I feel it’s the perfect outfit in the fall and roll around in the dead leaves. hahahaha no I din;t think I want to do that to a $900 sweater :D!!!

I would totally date a guy who would wear this outfit, the details are just so amazing up close that you just want to feel it in your hands. I  think Burberry is the epitome of mixing casuality and luxury so brilliantly well whcih makes people come back every season, I need to start saving now, now, now!!!!

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