I don’t have the worse skin in the world but I don’t think it’s a crime to want to look your best. Unfortunately I do have some blemishes from old acne scars and they’re really annoying to have too see and deal with everyday. I researched laser acne scar removal because I heard good things about it and it’s soemthing I really want to try to help with my confidence.

I imagined that when I researched clinics and prices, the costs would be super expensive and dangerous side effects could occur, but I managed to fine a certain doctor online who offers free consultations so I think I might take up on that offer. When I called the office, the receptionist quoted that price range would be about $700-$1000 a session depending on the severity of your scars, but mine are really not that bad, I just want them to be gone because they’re annoying to look at. Scar creams take forever and I really jsut want something that’s like quick fix, but I hate that I might not be able to afford it because I would have to pay for it all on my own.

I have yet to make an appoitment because I have been so busy lately since school started but it really wouldn’t be a bad idea to just check things out and get the answers that I’m looking for. I plan on doing at the most 3 sessions altogether because that’s what I’m assuming my blemishes would need, but that means that would cost from $2100 to $3000 which is soooo not pretty what-so-ever.

I started taking an antibiotic for my acne a few weeks ago and it really works well because I don’t want to get these procedures done and then all of a sudden I break out again , then have more scars to deal, with , NOOOO!!

I really want to get this procedure done because it mostly means less face makeup which means less spenging on products, but IDK how realistic it is right now :(

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