So one of the reasons why I really hate Summer is because of the weather, which means bugs like to surround homes more, and when I say bugs, I mean irritating as Hell mosquitoes. I’ve seriously been bitten everyday for a week from freakin’ mosquitoes and I am freaking out. I totally thought that I had bed bugs at first but I didn’t thank gosh because I  was scoping everywhere on my bed and I didn’t see a single one which people say you could see if you were suspecting of having bed bugs. I was so paranoid about any kind of bug so I washed all my sheets and was just doing the most washing my clothes and vaccuuming all my floors as well. I really do think it’s mosquitoes because I have no pets and the bites are itchy as Hell, and I actually saw a tiny one when I was washing one of my sheets. But nevertheless, I still got bitten and now I feel traumatized, scared, and paranoid to be anywhere in my house , especially my room.

I’m so scarred that every tiny piece of lint looks like  freakin’ bug to me, every little itch I get, I slap that part of my body right away. I couldn’t sleep for 2 days because I’m constantly worried and thinking if some disgusting thing is going to attack me and leave me with a hideous, itchy, bump that makes me sad. I’m so frustrated with everything that’s going on as well. I started school and I have a bunch of stuff to do because it’s a Summer class and I really don’t want to deal with this stupid bug situation. I like my class so far and it seems like I’m going to stick with it, mostly because I have to, but all-in-all  it’s a nice class to watch films and it was kind of a weird feeling going back to school, only because it feels so different, being so flexible, but I’m grateful

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