SO like any person who has blemishes on their face, it gets really annoying and you wonder, ” My Goshh, why is this happening to me??? I hate having acne!!” Luckily I don’t have crazy ass sever acne, but a few blemishes, but it’s still annoying nonetheless. SO after natural product topicals and eating right, but still breaking out, I decided to take some action and go see a dermatologist. I break out when I’m stressed and that’s usually like all the time so I really needed an antibiotic to help prevent breakouts in the future. When I finally got my prescription , I also was recommended to use this topical gel called “Epiduo” which is supposedly a strong gel to kill pimples, and when I say strong, this thing hurts like HELL!

When you put the gel on the desired spot or whatvever, you feel a cooling sensation for about 5 seconds and then all of a sudden your face feels like it’s on damn fire, it doesn’t turn your face red but you feel like you’re in agonizing ,stinging pain especially if you put it on numerous spots all over your skin. On the plus side though, it works, the pain will last like an hour but it slowly goes down so you’re not completely miserable.

I had a very interesting lesson yesterday. So apparantly, this gel makes your skin really dry in some areas and very sensitive and you should not do  anything to disrupt your skin. Since I didn’t know this beforehand, my dumbass decided to get my eyebrows waxed, and the girl asked me if I was on any medication and I told her the ones that I’m on, but she didn’t recognize them and decided to proceed with the waxing, so everything was fine the first half, when she told me that my face ” pulled” which I didn’t know what the hell that meant, so she showed me a mirror and I saw it. A small patch of skin on top of my eyebrow got ripped off my face, the top layer of your skin. The girl was freaking out but I stayed cpmposed surprisingly, because I didn’t want her to feel bad but I was worried that it would leave a scar, but she said it wouldn’t and I looked at my face today and it seemes to be gone. Just for future reference when you guys and gals want to get your eyebrows done, JUST TWEEZE, DON’T WAX!!!!!!!!


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