I’m dying right now, I want this dress

But the reality is I found an unfinished sample that is the same thing but needs  a lot of work. The only problem is I really need to save right now because I’m thinking of getting a little “work done” in December and I really want to  make as much money as I can so i can do it. The only problem for me is hopping, something that I love more than anything. Not shopping cold turkey style could be impossible but I really feel I should get this dress because it’s a McQueen dress and even though there is a lot of work that would need to be done by a tailor, it’s still a very beautiful dress. It’s put together but the back is almost bare and the front is ripped on the edges so it really needs to be fixed but what a great investment piece because probably no one else I know will ever have this dress.

Conflict, I need to save almost 5,000 dollars in the next 6 months which could be impossible if I really don’t tkae things seriously, but you know that feeling where you really feel you need to ge tsomething because you feel you will die if you don’t get it, that’s how I feel with this dress. I don’t want, it, I need it! It’s not as pretty as the other one I bought, but what a collector’s piece, like seriously, it’s such an iconic piece and would be a great addition to my wardrobe. I don’t even buy a lot of clothes anyway, I have to love something 100% before I buy it and I’m getting that feeling again but I’m worried I would feel super guilty if I bought it because I have to save! :'(



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