Not being in school for almost a year has been fun, relaxing, mind-calming, and really what I needed for my own sanity. Now that summer is approaching means that school is just around the corner. I decided to take a summer class because I’m tired of being this way and I think taking at least one class is better than none thus meaning longer years of school. I only want to take one class because I figured, it’s summer, everyone will probably be out, I’m just goin gto take it easy and ajdust myself going back to school and be prepared to take a full schedule in the fall.

Summer is that one time of the year for me that is jsut weird. It’s not the feeling of Fall when it’s super cold and I feel everything is worhless, but it’s also not the feeling of Spring when everyone is joyous and everything seems fun. Summer to me feels mellow, awkward, trying to get through the day even though you know it’s not going to be difficult, kind of a bittersweet feeling, Summer effects me like that, it’s ho-hum. One thing I AM GOING to AVOID is the Pride Parade this year. Yes, it was fun my first time 2 years ago but things have changed. I decided that I am not going to be surrounded by a bunch of hot, gross, sweaty, flabby, fleshbags on the hottest day of the year, seeing grosss ass mothers trying to look cute and acting like hot messes.

Since it’s San Francisco, I’m hoping, I’m praying that it will be cold this summer. I have no clothes for hot days because I hate them, they’re ugly, fall/winter clothes are the best and I want to wear heels a lot, but it has to be cold because wearing heels really make you warm especially if you are walking on concrete and on your feet almost all day.

I’m kind of excited for the summer yet very, very scared and extremely vulnerable for suree, I don;t want to have to look back but go forward, straight ahead.

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