So, after season 15 ended I swore I wasn’t goin gto watch ANTM anymore because it’t jsut getting way too monotone where this show should’ve been cancelled a long time ago, but the current season made me want MORE! The only reason I watched any part of it or any at all was because there was a marathon on Oxygen and I was bored, okay, but it was actually a nice way to spend a long day. I really thought I was going to hate all the girls because I love Ann, the winner from last season, but I was suprised, there were actually some gorgeous girls that I realkly liked. The challenges and photoshoots definately amped up again, since ANTM is actually trying to go for “high fashion”. How many of the past winners got actual work and is famous?? Yeah that’s right, so at least they’re trying to make some sort of effort.

When I saw this girl, I immediately fell in love and wanted her to win. Brittani was the first girl ever in ANTM history to ever be so upset that she left panel because she hated some girl sooo much, OMGGGG I loveeeeddddd it. From the beginning I was just so in love with her look and I seriously would go straight for her. I can’t believe that she was from a trailer park in Pennsylvania, dreams really do come true.

My favorite photoshoot was the high  fashion couture shoot because all the girls wore amazing couture dresses and it was sooooo Italian Vogue I drooled over all the gorgeous clothes.

The season finale is tomorrow and I am hopinggg, I am PRAYINGGG THAT BRITTANI WINS!!! I LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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