There  a lot of things on T.V. have been hypnotizing me to want to live in New York. “Sex and The City”, “Project Runway”, etc. etc. I can’t believe these things that make me wish I was a gossip girl wearing $1000s of dollars of jewelry. lol I rewatched the movie “The Switch” and reruns of “Will and Grace” and New York seem slike a really fun and interesting place. I mean I’m sure it’s really not that glamorous, the garbage, the rudeness, the really bad, overcrowdedness, it’s so unattrative.

But New York looks soo glamorous, I really wonder what its like to love there, excpet the summer because I hate hot weather in San Francisco, I could not survive 1 minute in Manhatten when it’s 110 degrees. I know that there are so many things to do in New York and I have friends who live there for school and it’s true when they say it’s the city that never sleeps. My friends who live there are constantly finding more and more things to do with there time and it’s really envious because here in S.F. there really isn’t that much to do but I should be grateful that I don’t live in the midwest or something.

The other great thing about New York is the oppurtunities for so many careers and especially the fields that I want to be in sooo badly. The fashion internships and jobs are so much more better in New York than here because there is just no fashion in San Francisco which is really sad, but I guess it’s kind of good for me because I won’t feel as bad about the way I’ve been dressing. lol

Anyway New York is probably a really fun and glamorous place to love but only, only if I had the money, hahaha. I would be so miserable if I was poor living inNew YOrk because I would be so miserable and struggling especially if I went to school there. The costs of everything now is ridiculous, and I’m glad I’m at  a place thats somewhat comfortable even though I lived in this city my whole life, I do need a change, fast.

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