I know that I’ve been complaining about spending money and not wanting to be a shoe whore but I’m kind of freaking aout over these shoes but I don’t know which pair I should get.

My probelm is I really really like both of these boots so much but I don’t knwo whcih one is more me and which one os more amazing. I’m sure a lot of people will tell me to get the Opening Ceremony X Tron Neoprene boots but I’m not sure how practical they are for me to have them. I mean I love the eay they look and I would totally wear them all the time, but for how long? I don’t knwo how neoprene works as footwear and I don’t knwo how long they will last in durability. The positives are that they are a lot more exciting and futuristic like and have a pop of color because all of my shoes are black. But on the downside, it’s open toed which I could just wear a sock to not make a big deal about it, and also I don’t know how long they will last me and if this style will be dated in a year or not. I like having mileage on my clothes, I hate buying treny things that will be dicarded after one season.

Now about the Pour La Victoire boots. I love them because they’re black, haha, my main reason. I like that it has a sort of Victorian , historic look to it so I’m sure that it won’t look so dated in a few years because the heel makes it up to date. Most of the boot is made of wool and leather so that kind of gives me some security but a little doubt because I don’t know who wool works as shoes as well. I know that theses shoes would definately give me more mileage but they’re not as exciting as the other ones.

CRAPP, I hate moments like these, I need to find the answer sooooooN!!!!!!!!! :D

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