I’m starting to develop a school girl crush on Alexander Wang. I don’t just like his clothes but I think he is super adorable. I’ve been watching youtube videos of him backstage at his shows, and interviews talking about his life and fashion philosophy and he just seems so down to earth and seems to have such a cute heart. I wish I lived  in New York because there are so many more oppurtunities to achieve your dreams and goals there because there are so many things one can do. I feel I could be exposed to fashion in I was living in New York because fashion is more appreiciated there than San Francisco but then again I guess that’s why we’re all really “chill”.

Alexander Wang is actually from San Francisco so I’m thinking damn, in my life I possibly could’ve walked passed him on the street at not even notice him , and look where he is now, ironic I know, it’s always like that with everyone. Anyway I think it would be soooo cool if I could stay with a friend for a while in New York preferable in the Fall/Winter seasons because I despise and refuse to be in schorching weather. :) Then I could try to work at the Alexander Wang flagship store and possibly see him there lol. I really do love his clothes though, mainly his black clothing: dresses, leather jackets, bags, shoes. I don’t know but I’m always comfortable when I wear black. After getting his Anabela boots I really want more! HA! You know how that is when you have like a piece of something and you love it so much that you just want more, craving more pieces of really awesome clothing.

I really want these SS 2011 shoes but in black, I feel like they look like guns or something, fieerrrrceee!!

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