The Alexander Wang Anabela Platform boots that I bought came today and I neeeeeeddd to strenghten my ankles. :O They were so beautiful when I took it out of the box and caught a whiff of the leather scent, and I was soooo ecstatic to put it on. The only somewhat problem is that they’re a little uncomfortable, but then again high heels are never comfortable. The height is not the problem, because I have 5 1/2 inch shoes, it’s the platform being too small. The platform is only and inch and for a heel that’s almost six inches, it makes your foot really arched and streches your ankle so it’s like a real workout when I walk. I thought I was pretty good at walking in heels, but now I have homework to strengthen my legs because I do not think I can walk in those shoes on concrete anytime soon. :'(

But the super duper positive thing about them which is mostly the main reason I got them is the height. When I wear these gorgeous beauties, I stand almost 6’3” which is like CRAZYYYYYY giant, animal-like, hahhaha. I cannot wait till I get to wear these beauties on the street but if I do right now, I’ll probably break an ankle. I have to say I really, really love heels, even though about almost all my shoes are wedges because they’re more comfortable ;) I love heels.

I want these shoes really badly. They’re like what?, 4 seasons old but I’m still in love with them but I don’t have the sufficient funds :(

I think almost everyone saw these but I’m still obsessed and I will never fall out of love for these NIcholas Kirkwood for Rodarte Spring 2010 talon heels. They still sell them at Opening Ceremony for $2195 and my size is still there!! I know I’m probably never goin gto get these shoes anytime soon, but I can dream, right?

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