The celebrity designer trend has been popular for years with the whole crappy attempts at perfume and makeup, but I’m noticing clothing deisgned by famous people is getting bigger and bigger and I don’t like it. Is it just another unecessary and quite frankly annoying attempt to make money because their careers are started to be buriedbefore they are? Why else would someone who is seen as part of the “Hollywood ELITE” do something like that. Fragrances are in one way, raping the fashion industry with taudry scents and cheap dyes that give even crackheads a headache. I don’t want to smell some disgusting creation by Paris Hilton or Beyonce. I’m tired of looking at Macy’s, seeing Macy’s promote these already famous and money making douches. By the way, I don’t think I have ever seen someone make designer clothes look soooo cheap, they know who they are, one of them even copied ideas from David LaChappelle for her stupid music video because she was so ritarted she couldn’t think of anything else other than an umbrella.

Back to my anger, what is the point of celbrities trying to make clothes that they think stylish people will wear. They already destroyed and viloated the wonderful tradition of putting actual models on fashion magazines , but now, celebrities of ugliness that are air brushed more than a paint job. I would feel so shitty and gross buying a celebrity designed article of clothing because you know where most of those clothes are made? SWEATSHOPS! SWEATSHOPS! SWEATSHOPS! There are already designers now that use sweatshops, we don’t need anymore messed up ways to “make people look good.”

It really is just a shame because there are actual some famous people that I adored but I don’t to weat them on my back! I don’t want any of them polyester on me, EGGGHHJHKKKKK!!!

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