I’ve tried to minimize the list of things that I would really like to have and I did want those Alexander Wang Anabela boots but I don’t think they will look good on me because of my stupid face so that’s out of the picture but it’s sad because they were gorgeous and 5 1/2 inches which would make me like 6’2”!! But on a lighter note, at least I won’t spend too much now I guess :/

So, the dilemna of what bag I should get and which one would look better on me.

See, the thing is I really love the Cambridge satchel because of the color and how vibrant it would be in real life, but I also love this Wang bag because I don’t think it’s too “fem” and it’s really edgy and casual that I can have a lot of uses for. But on the downside I don’t know if it kind of looks like a gym duffle bag but IDK, I get crazy ideas about things.

And with the Cambridge satchel, I already have one in black and it doesn’t really fit much, is that a sign?? UGHHH it’s just that the color is soooo beautiful I feel like I should get it. Crap, if I’m thinking too much about a product does that mean that I shouldn;t get either? What is the voice in my head telling me I should do? The pink or the Wang? To be or not to be?

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