B.D.D. (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) aka “imagined ugliness” is something a lot of people I know think I have, even I did for the longest time but I realized that to me, it really ISN’T imaginary. With my bodily proportions, it’s not up to par having a wide face and a big forehead and having a really slim figure makes me look like I’m from another planet. But thankfully after the past few months, thanks to something ;) I am just concerned with my forehead right now. It needs to be lowered 2 1/2 cm, which means I want to get a hairline reduction.

Getting a hairline reduction would make me so much more better looking because smaller foreheads just look more attractive. I mean, especially when it comes to hairstyles and changing the way you look with hair, having a smaller forehead helps sooooo much more because then you can pull off so many more hairstyles without looking like a creep which I know I would look like if I tried to pull off those gorgeous looks that only beautiful people werar so well :( lol.

Unfortunately the price for the surgery is $7000 and an additinal $2000 to $3000 for anasthesia and hospital bills which makes me wonder, why can’t I win the lottery? :D

I wonder, if everyone got the oppurtunity to be able to do one cosmetic procedure for free, what would they get? It would really let you see that person at a different angle. Obvisously everyone wants to be beaustiful and it REALLY is a harsh world put there that really judge you on the outside. It makes me wonder and question when people say that that’s not true and that “oh not everyone is like that” then why do we have magazines?ads? makeup? expensive clothes and houses? People in this world really do believe that money and looks equal power which I totally see, even on the bus. But some people are so desperate to get that “respect” it’s depressing to see. “So what? Are you trying to look great with that Louis Vuitton Speedy that everyone has and those juicy couture pants you paid 300 bucks for when some sweatshop child made it for 3 cents? HMMM ”

On that note, I’ve been contemplating whether I should get a Cambridge Satchel in fluorescent pink or Alexander Wang Anabela boots which are amazing and 5 1/2 inches :DDDDDD

I think a lot of people will go for the shoes so I’m still thinking but I think I would rather get these then the same bag that I already have but just in a really racket but adorable color.

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