I freaakiinn love the comedy “Frasier”. I don’t remember when I first watched in but I know it was during the summer after my freshman year or sophmore year. I love staying indoors whenever I get the chance so flipping through the channels when I was a youngin’, it was always “Golden Girls”, “Frasier”, and “Will and Grace”. I was a “Lifetime” lover growing up in my early teens hhahahaha. When I first started watching “Frasier” right away I was fully amused and became addicited to the amazing writing in each episode. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning because I thought it was one of those stuck up, got to be really smart to understand shows, but that’s just a sheer cover up on realy funny down to earth, almost poking fun at the people who are considered the “elite”.

The humor is just soo perfect, the writing and the scripts really made the show that it was. If it wasn’t for the writing, I’m sure it would not last for how many was it, 11 seasons? I know that the character Frasier Crane was originally in the sitcom “Cheers” for a lot of the series but I never liked that show and after watching tid bits of it, it never interested me to watch a full episode to see more of a background for Frasier. I think the one thing that I hated in the early seasons of “Frasier” was Kelsey Grammar’s hair lol. He had a sort of long curly mullet and he was already going bald, it was just so awkward seeing that hairstyle. I don’t know if that was the style in the 90s but GAWDD it was soooo ugly, I was so happy the season where he got it cut and he looked sooo much better.

I love Kelsey Grammar and being able to play a character for 20 years is really amazingg, or just out of pure luck. I think a lot of people hate his acting and think he is soo over the top but I think that’s what “Frasier Crane” is and I think he did an excellent job with the character and actually managed to not change it at all for over a decade.

Goodnight Seattle! <3

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