I DDIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD when I saw these Cambridge Satchels, I am a sucker for FLUORESCENT colors and the twist of using that kind of color with a classic school bag is a match made in heaven for me. I have this bag in black because it’s more for everyday and such, but I really, really want one… or two of these gorgeous leather satchels. I’m thinking of either the green or the pink one, or both!!!! :O I thought the orange might look too much like a traffic cone and the yellow one just looked kind of radioactive and really blinding so I’m going to avoid that one.

It would beeee soooo cute if I wore all black and I wore the green or pink one because it is really just a fabulous pop of color, it could make anyone smile. The price isn’t  that bad but if you get more than one, then.. yeah :p On the Cambridge Satchel Company website, the 14” bags which I also have in black, are 105 GBP, so it sums up to $169. But the really killer is the shipping, 16 GBP :( That’s why I was thinking if I should get two because then shipping for both would only be 20 GBP and it would be cheaper if I bought one now and one later. I really hate that there are so many material things thta I need to get!! AHHHH BALLLSS

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