I know that I am superrr late on this trend or cult obsession, whatever, but I watched “Rupaul’s Drag Race for the first time and I must say, addicting, addicting, addicting. Talk about amazing hot messes and ANTM giving birth to this television show but I must say it is THE reality show that upfronts the others. I’ve been a fan of Rupaul when I was a youngin’ so I was pretty happy to see that she is still FEIRRRRRRRRRCCCCEEEE!!!

The competetion to be the next drag superstar is here and it is eating up the ratings. As a fellow member of the queer community I don’t think I have ever been this proud. I’m glad that the media is slowly but surely exposing the world of queer culture and broadening the openmindness this society needs.

A mix of “Project Runway” and “ANTM”, a fresh new show has taken over televisions and iPhones everywhere. I must say I hope Alexis Matteo wins. Raja just looks like a dude even in makeup, he’s just too handsome I guess. Alexis has the personality and the charm and the sweer humbleness that America’s next drag superstar should have. But a friend told me that raja won, but it’s sucha  shame. He already had his 15 minutes of fame being a makeup artist on “America’s Next Top Model”, and by the way, he’s 36 years old, that to me is really old, that’s like twice my age, but whatever, at least some of the other contestants that I didn’t like win, so.. it’s cool


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