I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but facebook is really disgusting me. I am so tired of going online and I hate it because I am just sick of it. I deleted almost everyone I know except like 4 people because I actually want to talk to them and keep in touch but that’s why there are cellphones. haha I am really tired of how facebook is “addictive” and how people can’t concentrate on anything and how people manage to stay online adll days playing farmville or being on instant chat talking to someone who just hang out with instead.

But you know, I feel that Facebook is just going to easily go away as easily as it came. Myspace has been dead for years now and Facebook is on it’s way. Just hearing it makes me want to throw up. I am truly disgusted and grossed out on how so many people can spend 3 hours at a time doing the most pointless shit that is jsut bad for your health to be honest.

The Huffington Post”:

:I hate Facebook. There. I said it. And it feels damned good. I know it won’t make me popular. In fact, I’ll probably be cyberflogged over it. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. Any of it. Oh sure, it’s fun once in a blue moon when one of my childhood pals miraculously unearths a 40-year-old photo and “tags” me, but then that fascination quickly turns to horror as I realize my embarrassing pre-pubescent shot is now online for all to see. Couldn’t it just simply be scanned and emailed to me the way technogeeks did things back in the olden days, ya know, the late 90s?”


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