I am going to cry, I am sooo sad because I am dying right now for this jacket. It’s from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Men’s collections and I really, really want it. I usually love black leather jackets and I wouldn’t imagine buying one in another color, but the color is sooooo unique, an interesting caramel glow in the dark color with black accent zippers to keep it up to date. :)

I called the Burberry store today because it was the only thing I could think of but I was scared to call because I thought the price would really give me a massive heart attack and depression. Because usually, designer leather jackets go for at least $2795 and I was really surprised to hear that it’s only $1595. Like I know that is still really really expensive but just always hearing really outrageous prices, this to me is a decent price.

This is the other jacket that I am craving for but UGHHHHHHHHHHHH, why couldn’t I be the heir of some ice cream company or inherit some really old dead lady’s money. This is the season for awesome leather jackets and I am crying because there are like 6 that I want but won’t be able to get anytime soon which really makes me sad.

What if I did buy the first jacket that I loved though, that would be really insane because to me that would be a huge hole in my bank account but I feel like it’s worth it.

In the Women’s collections this is the JACKET that I want. I don’t like trenchcoats but this is definately me and definately something I would wear all the time. It’s a classic piece with a twist, and very chic looking. There were a lot of other looks that I loved in the collection amd if I had connections in Burberry OMG I would be on Cloud 9 laying around in a pile of AMAZING jackets.

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