All I can say right now is confusion. Britney Spears is coming to SanFrancisco this month, March 29th for a free concert in the Castro?? That to me is the most random thing ever to happen to this city. The year of 2011 has so far been really weird and crazy and now, washed up B.S. (Britney Spears) is trying to make a comeback? She’s like 40 right? The whole idea of her coming here is to not only promote her new album, “Femme Fetale” but also to meet queer youth of San Francisco to show her acknowledgement of who her fans are.

I must say, I did like Britney one time, back when I was like what, 1o years old, when she was actually relevant. I must say though it would be rather exciting to see the ex-shaved head, umbrella throwing, loser marrying singer in real life though.

God she looks old, doesn’t she?  I guess it could be exciting for San Francisco to have some fun from a celebrity but for some reason I also feel that it’s really random is because no famous people ever come to SF. The only “celebs” I could think of would be music artists for one day concerts that are limited to about 200 people but the fact that Britney is coming to the City as a probable publicity stunt, just seems unexpected, usually these things happen in Los Angeles in New York, where most people like to go to.

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