I am sooooo excited for Scream 4 to finally come out in Theaters. I was just re-watching the original and the sequels and it seriously made me wish I was a teenager in the 90s. I’m so glad that at least I was born in the 90s’ even though most of the time I didn’t even know what the Hell was going on around me. Anyways I’ve super anxious to see this when it comes out because I love horror movies. I think that “scary” movies that have a lot of gore in them is just disgusting but not scary at all which people like to confuse, “Ohh there’s a lot of guts, it’s a scary movie”, no that just means that it’s freakin gross and that no one should eat meat.

Just seeing the cast in the first movie and watching the trailer for the 4th movie, my GAWDDD time has been good to Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell. Courtney Cox is 47?? Can you believe that? And Neve Campbell is not that much different either. I am a bit upset though that they decided to cast Emma Roberts and Hayden Panthensnsnan whatever her dumbass last name is in this movie. I don’t care that this movie wants a “new generation” , get some decent, attractive people. Whatever hopefully they’ll get killed and I’ll just laugh at them.

“Scream 4 movie being the fourth installment to the hit mystery and thriller packed  horror appears as having an exciting plot so Scream 4 movie will definitely get viewers to find themselves flocking at theaters and among them will be the fans of the franchise. In this one storyline will begin form the point where a decade had passed from terrifying events of the last part. Now Sidney Prescott who had survived the ordeal return to her home in Woodsboro as part of her book tour and at the same time she also wishes to rekindle her relationships with her family. However the arrival of Sidney reawakens the ghostface killer and soon terror ensues. The entire town is put  in danger again as a serial killer is on the loose.”

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