VA…VOOM is what I have to say. I’ve been wanting this leather jacket from Rodarte ever since it came out. Even though it’s from Fall 2009 I don’t see how this stunning piece of art can go out of style. I love futuristic/art-like clothinf and this jacket is just to die for. I want it, but not  for $3795. If there’s one place where I always go to to find once in a lifetime shopping oppurtunities, I always leave to to EBAY. I did get my McQueen dress from there anyway. I managed to find the same leather jacket on Ebay from London and I am just dying right now you don’t even know.

The auction ends in 3 days and there’s already 2 bids on it but I am just crossing my fingers hoping for the best.  Ohhh I could just imagine having such a wonderful piece in my life. The only concern I have with the jacket is the collar. The knit collar/scarf effect is cool but I hope it’s removable because  I’m not really a scarf person and they don’t really look good on me. I know that there are buttons that could be used but hopefully the whole collar can be taken off. If not I’m scared I might have to cut it off YIKESS!!! But let’s just pray. hahaha I would be sad if I didn’t get it because it is such a statement jacket, like who else would you know would have this jacket other than random rich people in New York or whereever.

I must admit though, the jacket does look better in black, but I already have a few black leather jackets already, and if I was going to choose one that wasn’t the classic black it would be this jacket. Ohhh, but the black is pretty too huh?

But I guess I might look a bit S&M-esque if I had it on so I guess that would be a no-no. I mean I would really not like to look like a leather daddy thank you very much, not really my style.

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